About Rotherham Apps

Rotherham Apps employs a team of highly skilled and reliable developers, designers and programmers who treat each new project with the care and attention it needs to help your company thrive.

Our development team holds a range of qualifications, from Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees to PHDs and Diplomas, and have been working in the industry for anywhere from three to over 20 years. As well as their impressive qualifications and years of experience, the developers are also fluent in a multitude of different programming languages including PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Laravel, WordPress, and Phonegap to name a few.

With any project, Rotherham Apps developers work hard to follow the specification provided by you to create the perfect software solutions for your business. We know it can be a big step to put your business in the hands of someone else, and so we will keep you updated throughout the development process, gaining your trust and letting you give feedback throughout the journey.

Not only specialising in App development, Rotherham Apps has expertise in Web development, Software development, Database development and AI integration. If you are looking to help your business grow with the help of a dedicated team of professional then Rotherham Apps is definitely the company for you.

Get in touch to find out how the Rotherham App team can help your business.